Monday, December 26, 2011

6 Months Later...

Since my last post in July, we have gotten the house almost completely ready for listing and we've made some important decisions.

We replaced most of the carpet in the house with laminate flooring, ripped out the linoleum from the bathroom and replaced it with vinyl tiles with a wood pattern, had the main bath tub and kitchen countertops resurfaced, replaced nearly all of the light fixtures, repainted everything neutral colors, removed the ratty old awnings from the front of the house, replaced the front door, and sold, tossed, or boxed up a lot of stuff. We bought a new, stainless steel stove, I made faux capiz shell chandeliers for the kitchen and dining room, and did some exterior painting in the front of the house.

We have had a few problems with the roof leaking over the years and really needed to have something done before attempting to sell it, so we decided to have it done with spray foam roofing. It was a fraction of the price of a pitched roof and it has helped so much with insulating the house. It is also a "green" option, which is a plus.

Speaking of "green," we bought and installed a saltless water softener/conditioner. I have to say, after being skeptical, I have been pleasantly surprised by the difference it has made in the fixtures.

We only have one repair to do before listing the house: replacing the wood flooring in the master bedroom that has water damage from water coming in through the sliding glass door.

Decisions, decisions...

Since the main reason we're moving is so the kids can have a better education, I've decided that Temecula is our destination. The award-winning schools are amazing. The crime rate is very low and the cost of living is so much lower than Los Angeles. We're very excited to move.

In my last post, I wrote about not buying a house when we move, but that's just against everything I believe in, so no. We're buying. I've been house-shopping for months. Depending on how soon we sell our house, we may look into the option of a short sale. Our new adventure in buying a house in Southern California is one that is so unknown that I am very uncomfortable with it. I enjoy being in control and it's unnerving that this huge part of our lives is something that I cannot predict or control.
Since I seem to only post every 6 months or so, I suppose I will be posting again near the time we move...

Wish us luck!

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